Reiterating the concept of the “new classic”, gu_de’s Spring Summer 2021 collection sets out to maintain this notion while offering a new and invigorating meaning to the term.
This season, the brand has introduced uplifting and unique, new styles such as Nettie, Charlotte and Lisa to sit alongside its existing iconic Love, Milky, Emma, Luxy, Gemma and Mini Play bags. The colour palette also offers a seasonal refresh with bright, citrus shades of orange, lime green and lemonade that sit alongside more neutral hues of cream, black, cloud, mocha and olive. These new offerings allow the gu_de customer to reinterpret what is “classic” and make the styles their own, creating a “new classic” look and redefining the brand’s DNA.
Ultimately, gu_de’s Spring Summer 2021 collection preserves the brand’s sense of timelessness while providing its customers with a contemporary and fun style update and accessories that are as individual as they are.