We don't want our products to be short-lived, forgotten or thrown away.

We want to make our products with beautiful designs and long-lasting good quality worthy of passing on to the next generation.

We want to become a New Classic that continues to be loved by people with combinations of timeless universal beauty, sophisticated workmanship and modern elements.

We think about how we can minimize an impact on the environment by reducing our waste emissions with renewable and recycled materials.
We had developed our own logo lining with recycled polyester fabric certified by REPREVEⓇ and are using it for all bags.

We had been developing our own logo jacquard fabric with recycled nylon yarn(MIPAN regen) certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) for bags and clothes.
Meanwhile, we are making efforts to gradually increase the use of eco-friendly materials.

The sustainability of the products we make requires that they remain functional over many years.
Besides, we think it is necessary to take an attitude that regards wear and tear is a natural beauty as a result of the passage of time rather than a defect. For this reason, all of the leather we use is natural leather.

Starting with the use of Italian leather from Bronze or higher rated tannery certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG) in 2018 2Q, now, all natural leather we are using for bags and shoes come from Bronze or higher rated tannery certified by Leather Working Group (LWG). We will continue to work towards the use of higher rated tannery increasingly.

** Certification grades from the Leather Working Group(LWG) are determined based on environmental criteria such as energy and water use, waste, chemical input and traceability etc.

We think about the positive impact from our small actions on the harmonious and sustainable development between people, the planet and communities. From what we can do now, we will expand sustainable practices one by one.

By participating in the “GoGreen” campaign proposed by our partner DHL and investing in a certified carbon management project, we are trying to offset the carbon emissions generated in the delivery process.

Buying locally sourced and manufactured products not only helps support communities, but often helps reduce environmental impact, ensure adequate human rights for workers and strengthen local economies.

Rather than reducing production costs, we are interested in providing jobs to our local workforce, reducing transport carbon emissions and ensuring that the workers who make our products have the proper human rights. In addition to above, for quality control of our products above a certain level, we are producing all products here in Seoul or suburb located nearby our headquarter and logistics center except for some clothes.

In addition to the wide range of materials used in our products, we are constantly working to improve our processes, including packaging and labeling.

In the packaging process, we try not to do unnecessary packaging, and when plastic packaging is necessary to protect the goods, we use plastic bags made of eco-friendly biodegradable resin(EL724) to avoid leaving traces on the earth as much as possible. In addition, we are continuously thinking about ways to reduce waste such as the use of eco-friendly packaging materials more.